Saturday 3 November 2012

Organising the Imperials...

Numbers wise I have far less British and Imperial troops to organise compared to the Zulus, but it as still required a bit of planning to decide how to organise the big box of plastic sprues I have bought. My initial purchase of the Warlord Games British starter army seemed a good idea at the time (and it was good value even without the Jubilee sale discount) but the 60 figures exclude any dedicated command figures. I have picked up a Warlord British Infantry Regiment box off eBay that has 24 miniatures, four of whom are white metal Empress command.

Like the Zulus, the British infantry will be based in elements, this time four figures on a 40x40mm base. I'm not 100% convinced this is the correct look for the Zulu Wars, my reading of some actions seems to have infantry spaced rather than standing shoulder to shoulder, but it seems to be the accepted wargames norm and what the Washing the Spears rules suggest.

With this in mind I will be raising one 24 miniature unit, the 1/24th Foot and four 20 miniature units, the 90th Foot, 1/13th Foot, 80th Foot and 3/60th Rifles (for a change from all that red!). This will necessitate picking up some command figures for the four smaller units and four other ranks to bring one unit up to strength.

I also have a box of Warlord's Natal Native Contingent with 24 miniatures in to form one of the NNC regiments.

At a later stage I will have to make some purchases of Imperial cavalry (both regular and volunteer), artillery and maybe some Naval Brigade and Swazis.

On the road to Ulundi (Illustrated London News, 26th July 1879)

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