Thursday 1 November 2012

Entering Zululand...

The Zulu Wars is a popular wargames period but one I have never really got into. Twenty odd years ago I started a 15mm scale project using Minifigs miniatures but this fizzled out before it went anywhere and my colonial interests moved to India. However, childhood visits to the South Wales Borderers museum in Brecon and countless viewings of Zulu and Zulu Dawn over the years has meant there has always been a simmering interest and when Warlord Games Jubilee Sale and some birthday money coincided, clearly something was meant to be!

I picked up the British and Zulu starter armies and then scoured eBay adding a few more boxes of Zulus to the mix resulting in my ending up with 288 Zulus, 84 British infantry and 20 Natal Native Contingent.

This blog will record my progress painting them up and hopefully playing a few games sooner rather than later...

Natal Police on way to the front (The Illustrated London News, 22nd February 1879)


  1. Hi Steve,

    This is a herculean task and no mistake for which I wish you luck! Knowing your painting output though it will be sooner rather than later that these bad boys will see action.

    I am really looking forward to seeing how this comes out - particularly the 'dipped' Zulus.

    All the best,


  2. this is a good painting link