Sunday 24 October 2021


 The fourth (and for the time being final) Zulu regiment of my current The Men Who Would Be Kings project (giving me 128 warriors in total) is a second married regiment, the isAngqu (the White Tails).

Again a mix of Perry and Warlord plastics, the isAngqu having white shields with some red spots.

Next up should be a couple of supporting groups of Zulus armed with firearms. Whilst some figures in the main regiments have firearms I have a handful of points left to get me up to the planned 36 points so some Irregular Infantry with poor muskets will use them up.

After that I need to crack on with the Imperial forces...

Saturday 23 October 2021


 Having painted two unmarried Zulu regiments for The Men Who Would Be Kings, next up were a married regiment (with their distinctive head bands), the inDlondlo - the Black Mambas!

Whereas (most of) the unmarried troops had predominately black shields, the married guys had more white cow skin ones, the inDlondlo shields being a pleasing red and white design.

I am pleased with the look of the figures on the Warbases sabots which, even for big games with Washing The Spears or Black Powder, avoid the straight lines of regular bases which always looks a bit odd for "natives", "barbarians" and the like...

Thursday 21 October 2021


My next Zulu War regiment for The Men Who Would Be Kings is another unmarried unit the uNokhenke (which may mean Trotters or Skirmishers). They have plain black shields...

Again I have gone with a 32 man regiment which splits into two units for TMWWBK...

Although not historically accurate I have added some of the more ceremonial uniform items to one figure from each regiment to identify them as the leader.

Next up some married regiments.

Wednesday 20 October 2021


It has been some time since my base coated Zulus have seen daylight (almost three years) since we refought Isandhlwana and Rorke's Drift using The Men Who Would Be Kings but with Ellen at Bristol Independent Gaming asking for some regulars to become 'BIG Champions', promoting rules and/or periods for local gamers looking to try something new I thought that getting some of my Zulu War plastic mountain finished would be a good idea.

As stated back in 2019 my idea is to create some 32 figure Zulu regiments that can be used for larger game rules like Black Powder or The Washing of the Spears, and split into two groups for TMWWBK. Over the last couple of weeks I've been beavering away so expect a tranche of Zulu posts over the next few days!

First up are the umCijo, The Sharp Point, an unmarried regiment with black shields with some white dots. The figures are a mixture of Perry and Warlord. If I was starting from scratch I would only buy Perry Zulus but with 'Plastic Mountain' having over a hundred Warlord ones (curse you eBay habit of yore) I found they mixed ok.

Panting wise you may be surprised that I did not 'dip' the figures. These were undercoated with a dark Sepia Brown spray, drybrushed Flat Brown and then with loin cloths, spears etc painted, washed with Agrax. The white money tails were then based painted white and then white Contrast painted on which gives a nice shading and (IMHO) looks better than drybrushing white over black.