Wednesday 9 January 2013


I managed to complete my first regiment of unmarried Zulus yesterday, the uMbonambi.

The miniatures are all Warlord Games plastics which come with a white metal inDuna (from Empress Miniatures). Some of the details on the miniatures are of doubtful historic accuracy (such as the leather bands on the upper arms) but they are well detailed, go together well, look good en masse and (a good point with Zulus) are excellent value for money!

I painted them up using an Army Painter brown basecoat spray, added some details then painted over with Army Painter Strong Tone dip. Unfortunately my tin had gone a bit gammy and the end effect is not as good as normal.

The models have been based up with the Bickley Washing The Spears rules in mind on 80x40mm bases, although one I split into two 40x40mm elements for flexibility.

The uMbonambi (also known as the iNkonyanebomvo) were formed in 1863 and were on of the main regiments of the war being involved at at Isandlwana (22nd January 1879), Kambala (29th March 1879), Gingindlovo (2nd April 1879) and Ulundi (4th July 1879).