Thursday 27 February 2014

Mounted Conversions

I was searching through various blogs for posts on the Zulu War using Blogs of War and came across these highly interesting photos of conversions on Land of the Lead of Imperial mounted troops using Perry ACW cavalry with Wargames Factory bits and pieces from their British infantry set. Very inspiring...

Saturday 22 February 2014


Being a wargaming butterfly I sometimes lose track of projects and sadly my Anglo-Zulu War has been one of these. However thirteen months on(!) I have finished my second Zulu regiment - the iNdluyengwe!

The iNdluyengwe were raised in 1866 and fought at Isandlwana (22nd January 1879), Rorke's Drift (22nd-23rd January), Kambala (29th March), Gingidlovo (2nd April) and Ulundi (4th July).

As with the uMbonambi, the miniatures are all Warlord Games plastics which come with a white metal inDuna (from Empress Miniatures).

The models are painted using an Army Painter brown basecoat spray, some added details then painted over with Army Painter Strong Tone dip.

The thirty figure regiment has been based for use with the Washing the Spears rules.